Phlebotomy Training in Minnesota

Looking to start a new career in the allied-medical field? There are many schools that offer phlebotomy training in Minnesota and courses are available year round.

Phlebotomists collect blood from the veins of patients using medical instruments in a process called “phlebotomy”, also known as “venipuncture”.

The collected blood is used for investigating specific conditions in a patient. Treatment of a patient depends on the results from processing the sample in the lab and determining if any possible infection, disease or deficiencies exist.

A trained phlebotomist is typically employed at hospitals, doctor’s clinics, blood banks, or public health departments.

However, some employers may insist on an additional certification, though this is not a mandatory requirment in many states, including Minnesota.

A phlebotomist may obtain certifications from American Medical Technologists (AMT), American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), or The American Society for Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT).

All three of these organizations offer an accredited phlebotomy certification.

Top Cities For Phlebotomy Careers in Minnesota

  • Minneapolis
  • Saint Paul
  • Rochester
  • Duluth
  • Bloomington
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Plymouth
  • Eagan

Necessary Phlebotomy Training

Minnesota has a number of colleges that impart training on phlebotomy. However, colleges approved by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), NOCA, and CAAHEP are deemed better equipped.

The usual duration of a phlebotomy course in Minnesota is three to six months. An aspirant for a course must at least possess a high school degree and be 18 years of age or above.

Colleges also conduct separate evaluation tests to determine whether an applicant is suitable enough to pursue a course in phlebotomy.

Skills You Will Need

A phlebotomist must have a combination of technical and mental skills.

The desired technical skills are knowledge are:

  • Hematology, body fluids, basic laboratory procedures, microbiology, data security, quality assurance, standard precautions, radiation safety, venipuncture sites, tourniquet application, tourniquet removal, bandage post draw, warming the puncture site, basic specimen handling, mastectomy, damaged ,occluded and sclerosed veins, vacutainer method, and appropriate blood collection tubes.

Apart from these skills, a phlebotomist needs to be compassionate and friendly with the patients and be able to deal with occasional anxiety and fear surrounding the phlebotomy process.

Job Salaries – What To Expect

The average salary of a phlebotomist in Minnesota is $27000. However, the salary offered by private hospitals and clinics are more than that offered by government hospitals.

Apart from the salary, a phlebotomist enjoys a number of other benefits such as health and dental insurance, overtime opportunities and some flexibility in work hours depending on the type of employment.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a healthy growth of 18% in the number of phlebotomist jobs.

Minnesota Schools Providing Courses:

Phlebotomy Training in Minnesota

Lake Superior College

2101 Trinity Rd.
Duluth, MN 55811

The college offers a certificate program in phlebotomy which is approved by the health department. The total required credits are 14. The various course elements are Medical Terminology, Medical Ethics and Law, Collection Procedures and Skills for Phlebotomists, and an internship in Phlebotomy and Associated Procedures. A student must obtain at least a C grade in each of the course to pass training.

Minneapolis Community and Technical College

Minneapolis Community and Technical College

1501 Hennepin Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55403

The college offers a certificate program on phlebotomy. The course has elements like the basics of phlebotomy, medical ethics, blood collection procedures, human anatomy, different types of veins like damaged, occluded and sclerosed veins, basic specimen handling, and mastectomy. The entire course is divided into several credits. An aspirant must fulfill certain criteria before applying to the college (for example, a high school degree and evidence of no criminal records).

South Central College

South Central College

1225 Third Street SW
Faribault, MN 55021

The South Central College offers a certificate course in phlebotomy. The course has 20 credits in all, and on completion of the program, a student is required to complete a 5 credit clinical assignment with an affiliated clinic. Graduates of this program can take examinations conducted by the Board of Registry Examination of the American Society for Clinical Pathology and the National Certification Agency for Laboratory Personnel.

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