Phlebotomy Training in Canada

Are you looking for a college or trade school offering phlebotomy training in Canada?

If the sight of blood doesn’t bother you and your interested in getting started in the medical field then a rewarding career in Phlebotomy might be just the right direction for you.

So what does a Phlebotomy Technician do?

A Canadian Phlebotomy Technician uses a needle to draw blood samples (also called “blood draws” or “sticks”) from patients to test their calcium, chloride, cholesterol, glucose, magnesium, nitrogen, potassium, and sodium levels.

These diagnostic tests are then screened in a medical lab to identify possible health conditions (often for preventing the worsening of infections and diseases).

Phlebotomists also perform blood draws strictly for donation purposes (i.e. blood banks, first aid, etc.)

Necessary Phlebotomy Training

In Canada, there is very little post-secondary education required to get into Phlebotomy. Certification requirements vary from province to province.

For example, there is no official certification in Alberta, where on-the-job training programs are common. However, the Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (MLTO) must certify anyone wishing to practice in Ontario.

The Canadian Medical Association generally oversees official courses in phlebotomy.

Skills Needed For The Job

Canadian Phlebotomists must have compassion, a pleasant attitude and excellent communication skills. They will need good hand-eye coordination, dexterity and the ability to handle high-pressure situations.

They must also be able to follow directions, remain organized and perform basic duties on the computer.

Career Expectations in Canada

Phlebotomy Technicians should be prepared to work long hours, irregular shifts, weekends and holidays if they are employed at a hospital. Clinics work more predictable hours, but do not pay as much.

The starting pay ranges from $16 to $20 on average and many students take brief and affordable phlebotomy training in Canada to gain employment in a hospital, medical clinic or donation center.

From there, they may elect to take additional training courses to become a nurse and earn even higher salaries.

Canadians will find that earning a phlebotomy certification is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to enter the medical field.

Schools Offering Phlebotomy Classes in Canada

Phelbotomy Training in Canada

Medix School – Toronto Campus

700 Lawrence Ave. W. Ste. 300
Toronto, Ontario, M6A 3B4, Canada

Take the fast track to phlebotomy with a brief $399 seminar. You’ll learn the basics of phlebotomy care over the course of 10 hours in just two Saturdays. Patient interaction, legal and  ethical issues, safety, lab forms, venipuncture and vacuum blood collection will be covered.

Niagara College - Welland Campus

Niagara College – Welland Campus

300 Woodlawn Road
Welland, Ontario L3C 7L3, Canada

Are you an RN or RPN with a Certificate of Competence from the College of Nurses of Ontario looking for extra credentials in phlebotomy? For just $127.11, you can take a two-day hands-on course teaching you the proper procedure for taking venous and arterial blood samples. You’ll learn about anatomy, physiology, the vascular system, and blood collecting techniques.

Robetech Institute

Robetech Institute Inc.

150 Laird Drive, Suite 202
Toronto, Ontario M4G 3V7, Canada

Become an Electrocardiogram & Phlebotomy Technician in as little as 12 weeks (full-time) or 24 weeks (part-time). In addition to taking courses in ECG testing, diagnostic testing, blood collection techniques, capillary puncture on infants and adults, laboratory safety, centrifuging, and computerized documentation, you will also take an 80 hour internship prior to graduation. Tuition is $5,415, which includes insurance, ID card, textbooks, course fees and equipment use. Upon completion, students can continue on to become a Medical Office Assistant or Medical Laboratory Technician if they so desire.

Algonquin Careers Academy

Algonquin Careers Academy – Mississauga Campus

3025 Hurontario Street, Suite 600
Mississauga, Ontario L5A 2H1, Canada

The Medical Laboratory Assistant / Technician program provides students with a comprehensive education in the health care field. The full-time diploma program ranges from 6 to 11 months, which includes co-op work placement, and costs $1,200 a month. Courses include: Intro To Clinical Laboratory, Structure and Function of the Body, Clinical Chemistry, Medical Terminology, Laboratory Safety, OHIP and Information Handling, Phlebotomy and Capillary Puncture, Heart & Heart Disease, Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Holter Monitor, Circulatory System, Vital Signs, Laboratory Mathematics and Quality Control, Cytology and Anatomic Pathology, Blood: Hematology, Lymphatic System and Immunology, Digestive System, Urinary System and Urinalysis, Microbiology, Respiratory and Pulmonary Function, Endocrine and Nervous System, and Reproductive System/Growth and Development/Genetics.

Please note: Due diligence is required by any student before committing to any establishment offering on-location phlebotomy training in Canada or online curriculum.

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