Phlebotomy Training in Arkansas

The main responsibility of Phlebotomy technicians is to draw blood usually for diagnostic testing purposes or blood donation.

Phlebotomists can work in many different places, including hospitals, clinical labs, blood banks, small clinics, and even for insurance companies.

A phlebotomist must know about the different methods to draw blood, how to perform diagnostic testing, as well as the procedure and policies that need to be adhered to while performing the tests.

Phlebotomy certification is not required in the state of Arkansas, however In some US states, certification is a requirement.

Even though it is not state mandated, you should sign-up for and accredited college and vocational school course that offers phlebotomy certification and degree courses in the field.

Top Cities For Phlebotomy Training in Arkansas

  • Conway
  • Fayetteville
  • Fort Smith
  • Hot Springs
  • Jonesboro
  • Little Rock
  • North Little Rock
  • Pine Bluff
  • Rogers
  • Springdale

Certification Prerequisites for a Phlebotomist

Arkansas does not have a state law that makes it mandatory for a phlebotomist to have a license or a certification.

That said, certified phlebotomists have the upper hand when it comes to landing jobs and higher hourly pay.

To get yourself certified, you first need to go through a phlebotomy training course that has been approved by the health department or by the NAACLS.

After your training is complete, you would have to take and pass an examination through one of the certification associations such as the American Society of Clinical Pathology, ASCP or the National Certification Agency for Medical Laboratory Personnel.

Phlebotomy certification programs enable you to learn how to perform blood draws, use the latest laboratory equipment and develop some additional skill sets, such as computer or EKG training.

Skills Required for Phlebotomy

A phlebotomist must be fully aware of the stringent rules and regulations regarding the safe practice of drawing blood and performing tests on patient samples.

In addition, phlebotomists must have enough knowledge about how to manage laboratory equipment and need to exhibit professionalism while dealing with patients.

Career Expectations

As mentioned above, a phlebotomist is expected to be highly trained in the process of drawing blood samples from patients. You need to be familiar with all the parts of the body from which you can perform proper blood draws, along with the correct procedures (and proper handling) to do so.

You also need to possess proficiency in using and disposing blood samples with the lab equipment. Phlebotomists need to store blood samples the right way and update and keep track of the patients’ test records.

A good phlebotomist in Arkansas would be able to earn an average of $26,000 every year.

Arkansas Schools For Phlebotomy Training:

Phlebotomy Training in Arkansas

Southeast Arkansas College

1900 Hazel St.
Pine Bluff, AR 71603

Southeast Arkansas College has a single semester program in phlebotomy technology that educates students about the collection, handling, and transporting of blood samples. It also teaches students about the correct use of blood collection equipment, venipuncture, and capillary blood collection.

Other topics covered under this program include pre-analytic complications, forensic toxicology, and specimen collection procedures from adults, pediatric, and geriatric clients. On completion of the program, graduates can appear for a certification exam under the American Society of Clinical Pathology or ASCP or the National Certification Agency for Medical Laboratory Personnel.

Black River Technical College

Black River Technical College

1401 Hwy 304 East
Pocahontas, AR 72455

Black River Technical College offers a certificate of proficiency in phlebotomy, which teaches students to draw blood samples under the supervision of experienced physicians or healthcare professionals. The course also covers basic anatomy and physiology, skin puncture, venipuncture, blood sample collection, and the handling of protocol, safety, and sanitation procedures.

Arkansas State University- Newport

Arkansas State University- Newport

7648 Victory Blvd
Newport, AR 72112

Arkansas State University- Newport offers a 240 hour Certificate of Proficiency program in phlebotomy, which meets all the requirements of NAACLS. The curriculum strongly emphasizes on technical and interpersonal skills that are a must for the job.

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