Phlebotomy Certification in Houston

A Phlebotomist is a valued medical care professional who specializes in the process of drawing blood, also known as “venipuncture”.

While nurses and medical assistants are far more popular career choices, many Houston students find themselves earning a phlebotomy certification due to the low barrier of entry, shorter training periods and a high-demand for certified technicians by employers.

Every Houston hospital, clinic and doctor’s office requires a skilled professional who can collect specimens from patients to identify the presence of illnesses, disorders, diseases, deficiencies, STDs and viruses.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for certified phlebotomists is expected to grow through the year 2018. Currently, there are nearly 200 open job orders for Phlebotomists in Houston alone, not to mention another 700 jobs throughout surrounding Texas cities.

Necessary Technician Training

To become a Phlebotomist in Houston, Texas you’ll need your certification from a local community college or vocational institute.

Most people do not go on to get their Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree for this profession.

The most competitive students go on to receive their national certification from the American Society for Clinical Pathologists.

Personal Skills Needed

Phlebotomists are usually calm, cool and collected individuals on the job. They can handle stress surprisingly well and have experience dealing with all different types of people.

Hospital Phlebotomists may work long hours, nights and weekend shifts, or Doctor’s Office Phlebotomists may have predictable hours, but they usually are required to perform many other duties in a smaller practice environment.

Real Life Career Expectations

The average Phlebotomist in Houston, Texas makes between $28,000 to $29,500 a year, which is better than most other cities within the United States.

Experienced Phlebotomy Technicians can make up to $40,000 with 20+ years in. To earn even higher wages, phlebotomists can become certified “Health Technician Phlebotomists” to earn up to $46,000.

Phlebotomy Training Courses in Houston Texas:

Houston Community College

3100 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002

At Houston Community College, you can complete your total Phlebotomy course in just 200 hours. Ninety-six of those hours will be spent in classrooms learning about tools, safety procedures and blood collecting processes. The other 120 hours are performed in a clinical setting where you will put what you’ve learned into practice. You may also take an 8-hour review course for your national certification. You get all this for $1,350.

Professional Medical Training Services

8300 Bissonnet Street, Suite 490
Houston, TX 77074-3997

Pro Med Seminars helps you get your phlebotomy training in just two days. This $450 course is ideal for people who are already working in the medical field or toward their medical degree who would like the added phlebotomy credentials. The comprehensive course will teach you the anatomy of the arm and circulatory system, how to avoid errors, how to puncture the skin, how to work with test tubes and how to avoid lawsuits.

Lone Star College-North Harris

2700 W.W. Thorne Drive
Houston, TX 77073-3499

At LSC-North Harris, you’ll pay $1,098 to take a Phlebotomy Theory and Phlebotomy Clinical course. It will take about 216 hours to complete your coursework. By the end of the program, you will also have your CPR certificate.

Check out more schools offering phlebotomy training in Texas

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