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Phlebotomy is the act of drawing blood from the veins of patients. The blood could be used either in pathological laboratories for investigation or strictly for blood donations.

Phlebotomists are usually employed with hospitals, blood banks, and pathological laboratories. Almost every employer prefers a professionally trained phlebotomist, and in some cases, insists on certifications from professional associations like the American Society for Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT), American Medical Technologists (AMT) or American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

Top Cities For Phlebotomy Technicians in Nebraska

  • Ainsworth
  • Cambridge
  • Dakota City
  • Fairbury
  • Henderson
  • Lincoln
  • Louisville
  • Oakland
  • Omaha

Necessary Training For Certification

Nebraska has a number of colleges that offer phlebotomy courses, and class duration and credits vary from school to school.

The duration of the training program could take between four (4) to eighteen (18) months.

An aspiring phlebotomist can learn the required processes and skill in a laboratory or hospital via on-the-job training, or can enroll in a vocational, city or state college program.

Almost all colleges that offer phlebotomy training in Nebraska provide theoretical classes, followed by live practical sessions and prepare students to take a nationally-accredited phlebotomy certification exam.

While looking for a phlebotomy training program, it’s a good idea to verify whether the schools are approved by CAAHEP, NOCA, or the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).

On-The-Job Skills Needed

The job of a phlebotomist is almost entirely based on practical experience and practical skills. You will need to be properly trained for performing blood draws and specimen handling/processing.

You will need to possess a solid understanding about the various entry points, human anatomy, human physiology, laboratory best practices, and standard procedures after blood collection.

You will also need to be able to manage different types of patients (personalities), and be able to educate and respond to possible patient fears and anxieties regarding the phlebotomy process.

A friendly and compassionate demeanor is expected by most employers.

Realistic Career Expectations

The average salary of a phlebotomist in Nebraska is $33,990, and the average pay rate per hour is $15.92. Salaries will vary depending on the type of employer – public or private.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs in phlebotomy will grow at the rate of at least 14% through the year 2018.

On top of a decent starting salary, a phlebotomist also enjoys a number of other benefits from most employers such as health insurance, overtime possibilities and medical career advancement opportunities.

Nebraska Schools Providing Phlebotomy Classes:

Phlebotomy Training in Nebraska

Nebraska Methodist College

720 N 87th Street
Omaha, NE 68114

Nebraska Methodist College offers a phlebotomy certificate program. The college has an accelerated format of the program and has 60 hours of classroom instructions. The college claims to exceed the clinical experience requirements of ASCP. To apply, an aspiring phlebotomist must have a high school degree or an equivalent. The applicant must also possess sound mental and physical health.

Kaplan University

Kaplan University

205 Bedford Avenue
Omaha, NE 68134-4725

Kaplan University offers a phlebotomy program from the Associate of Applied Sciences department. It has multiple credits and combines theoretical lectures with practical sessions to train students in the phlebotomy process. The entire course is designed to make an aspiring phlebotomist eligible for the entry level positions for phlebotomy.

Western Nebraska Community College

Western Nebraska Community College

1601 E. 27th Street
Scottsbluff, NE 69361

Phlebotomy training (both basic and advanced courses) are accessible through Western Nebraska’s Business and Individual Training program. Please check for with the school regarding current availability and course dates.

Southeast Community College

Southeast Community College

8800 O Street
Lincoln, NE 68520-1299

Alternate Locations:

Beatrice & Milford Campuses

Venipuncture courses are offered through the medical assisting program at Southeast. The program may be completed in four (4) or six (6) quarters and students are on campus participating in lecture and lab courses. The last quarter allows the opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills in an actual physician’s office. Upon successful completion of the program, the student will be awarded a diploma.

All listed schools that offer phlebotomy training in Nebraska are subject to availability. Due diligence is required.

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