Phlebotomy Certification in Seattle Washington

Phlebotomy Training in Seattle, WA Area

Would you like a job performing venipunctures in the Seattle area? If you said “yes”, then you must be thinking about pursuing your phlebotomy certification. A career in drawing blood may not be the first profession that comes to mind for most people, but it’s so essential in the medical field today. You could be responsible for helping collect a sample that identifies an STD, illness, nutrient deficiency or a virus, after all. Yes, this job is important, but also – it’s one of the “hot jobs” through 2018, thanks to rising demands for skilled medical professionals, nurses and assistants. Truly Seattle, Washington is the place to be with more than 5,400 Phlebotomist positions currently available!

Necessary Courses

To become a Phlebotomist in Seattle, Washington, you’ll probably want to get your Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree, but then again, it’s not 100 percent necessary (especially with the glut of jobs available). For most people interested in phlebotomy, “filler” courses aren’t necessary. Instead, you can take only the courses that apply to the Phlebotomist position and you can take a national exam to obtain your certification. Generally, the American Society for Clinical Pathologists is the certifying body you’ll go through and the highest paid level of phlebotomy certification is “ASCP Certified Donor Phlebotomy Technician.”

Skills Required

Seattle, Washington Phlebotomists are able to work under pressure, detail-oriented and fantastic problem solvers. They don’t mind long hours or weekend shifts and they are generally calming, reassuring and empathetic people. Technologists have great manual dexterity and can get the right pinprick the first time. They have competent computer skills, as well as good comprehension of lab terms and equipment.

Seattle Job Expectations

According to Simply Hired, the average salary for a Seattle, Washington Phlebotomist is $31,000. To earn slightly higher wages, one may become a Medical Technician, Health Technician, Phlebotomist Processor or Medical Assistant to earn up to $38,000.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the prospects for Phlebotomists in Seattle, Washington will increase in the coming years due to mandated health care coverage, aging boomers, and an increased demand for more medical professionals.

Best Phlebotomy Schools:

Seattle Vocational Institute
2120 South Jackson Street
Seattle, WA 98144

The 18 credit hour Medical Laboratory Assistant / Phlebotomy Certification course is ideal for students who wish to get a well-rounded introduction to the medical field with the broadest job prospects upon graduation. Courses include: First Aid, Phlebotomy, Medical Office Skills, Phlebotomy Employment Skills, Phlebotomy Medical Terminology, Phlebotomy Law & Ethics, Phlebotomy Theory & Practice, and Phlebotomy Clinical Experience. You’re sure to leave with employable skills and experience.

Pima Medical Institute
9709 3rd Ave NE #400
Seattle, WA 98115-2052

Become a Phlebotomist in just 10 credit hours or 3 months. Take courses in: Study Skills, CPR & First Aid, Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology, Laboratory & Communication and Phlebotomy. Then participate in an externship to apply what you’ve learned. Don’t waste time sitting in a classroom when you could be already certified and making money!

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